Hallo-Weekend Party Bar

Make these wicked drinks for your Halloween party this weekend
Elegant Affairs

Party on with these great drinks!

If you are throwing a Halloween party, you have to commit. You’ve already done the work to make your house look super spooky. Your food is the creepiest and tastiest on the block. Heck, even your costume looks good enough to eat. After coming this far, you can’t skimp out of creating a fabulous party bar. But making drinks perfectly creepy while keeping them utterly tasty is not as easy as it looks.

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But with the help of experts like Andrea Correale of Elegant Affairs, The DL, and Haven Rooftop we collected not only some of the coolest-looking, but also the tastiest cocktails for your party. And these guys know a few things about throwing a fabulous party! 

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Throwing a killer zombie party? Try Andrea Correale’s Zombie Slime Shooters for a drink with a bite. If you are hosting a pumpkin-carving party, her jack-o’-lantern drink will serve as the perfect aesthetic while quenching that insatiable thirst. With selections to appease every type of drinker in attendance, we have cocktails to get you through any type of themed Halloween party. Make sure you stock up your party bar with these great recipes that will completely bring your party together!