Food Costumes: Gender Wars

Check out the laughable difference between male and female food costumes &

Pizza, served up sexy style!

With Halloween just around the corner, it is no secret that people will be dressing up as their favorite foods. While there are tons of fun and creative costumes to make to the kids look like your favorite dish, adults are getting in on the fun, too — but in very different ways.

On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, comedienne Kristen Schaal made a guest appearance as a correspondent to discuss the "serious" issue of the sexy food costume.

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"The fact is that women get this one night, this one night out of the whole year out to be viewed as sexual objects — and we get to choose what kind! You can be a sexy pirate, a sexy nurse, an even sexier nurse..." she quips. "When my mom was growing up in the oppressive olden days she only had two options for a Halloween costume: sexy secretary or sexy meter-maid. In these modern, liberated times a woman is free to be a sexy whatever the hell she wants!"

Cue: Sexy pizza. And banana. And bacon. And whatever other food you could possibly think of.

While Schaal is obviously poking fun at the insane stylings and inaccuracies of women’s food costumes, it got us thinking: How different are the male versions of these costumes? 

The difference was insane. Instead of a goofy burger suit with an oversized bun, women get the option of choosing a satin skin-tight dress with lines of colored fabrics posing as the "meat" of the burger. Instead of being a big puffy ball of purple stuffing, a grape costume for women is a barely there purple and vine piece that just covers the necessities. And the costumes only get crazier from there. 

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We pulled together 10 comparable food costumes that show just how ridiculous female food costumes can get. While of course no one is forcing any woman to wear these revealing garbs, it is funny to see the striking differences between gender-specific costumes. To check out our comparisons, click through our accompanying slideshow.