Guy Fieri Stencil Gets Obama's Signature

This food personality is so hot, even the president is taking note
Guy Fieri Stencil Gets Obama's Signature
Arthur Bovino

Guy Fieri

With his larger-than-life personality and an uncanny knack for crafting catchphrases, Guy Fieri has taken the world by storm, one diner, drive-in, or dive at a time. This week, the food-loving bro's popularity reached new heights when President Obama signed his name next to a stencil of Fieri's face when he visited The Sink in Boulder, Colo.

Fieri is known for leaving his mark on the restaurants featured on "Triple D" in the form of a stenciled painting of his face with message that reads "Guy Ate Here." Amazingly enough, this isn't the first time Fieri has been associated with the White House; in fact, he was invited to cook a meal for a group of White House staffers in 2010. 

That said, the bleach-blonde TV star is not one to shy away from publicity; whether the news is flattering or controversial, Fieri is very often making headlines. Check out some highlights of some of the most outrageous and noteworthy Fieri news, to date.

Conan Makes Guy Fieri Eat in Reverse

Conan has always been great with food (see the Chinese food and cereal milk clips for reference), and this time around Team Coco decided to reverse shots of celebrity chef Guy Fieri eating. What he calls "revolutionary, groundbreaking television," we call disturbing but entertaining. So thanks, Conan. It's definitely nothing we've seen before.


South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2012: Burger Bash

Amstel Light Burger Bash is the most anticipated event of the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Guy Fieri's "Straight-Up with a Pig Patty" from Guy's Burger Joint took the Heinz Best Dressed Burger Award (he gamely lifted an open bottle of ketchup to his mouth in celebration).


Check Out Guy Fieri's Jewelry Line

Last year, Guy Fieri released a video promising a Fieri jewelry line with Room 101 Jewelry, and here it is, right before Christmas. Are you flipping out?

His "kewl" line consists of a star-studded dog tag, bracelet, and cuff links, "the real deal bling."


Guy Fieri Does Disney with Phineas and Ferb

Celebrity chef and headline maker Guy Fieri has a cameo in Disney Channel’s Take Two with Phineas and Ferb, which as Eater points out, is one of rival Anthony Bourdain’s favorites. Ah, well.

Fieri teaches the crowd to say his name (“Fi-air-ee. Easy.”), fist-bumps the two animated kids, calls them “my brother,” and vehemently approves of ketchup on watermelon.


Yahoo! Thinks Guy Fieri Is Mario Batali

Mario Batali has been trending on the news thanks to some uncensored comments at Time magazine's Person of the Year debate. But it seems Batali's Halloween costume was too convincing; Yahoo! has been all over the Batali piece, but they posted a photo of Guy Fieri instead.