Conan O’Brien Makes Sweet, Sweet Cereal Milk

Christina Tosi dropped by to promote her cookbook, Momofuku Milk Bar

Conan O'Brien and Christina Tosi

Last night Momofuku pastry chef Christina Tosi dropped by the Conan set to make some cereal milk, which freaked O’Brien out for a bit until Tosi set him up with a giant bowl of Lucky Charms. He got really into it. "It's like a dream I had last night," he said, running his hands through the marshmallows.

We learn about Conan O’Brien’s cereal and Gossip Girl combo, Tosi’s cereal-stealing babysitting ways, and the reason for Lucky Charm’s radioactive blue milk. Eater has the full video, complete with Coco’s reaction to crack pie. “You just call it crack pie? But you don’t put crack in it? That’s false advertising!”

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