A Guide to Shopping Italian Designers on Rodeo Drive


Along the west coast, the premier shopping destination is Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills as noted by the street’s pop culture relevance, especially in movies and music. There's a good reason for that, the shopping on the famed street is unbeatable. Not only does the location sell the hottest trends in fashion and accessories from around the world, the region's weather makes it one of the best outdoor shopping experiences in the United States.

Photo Courtesy of Bulgari

As far as the upper echelons of Italian fashion designers are concerned, Rodeo Drive easily has your needs covered with the likes of top-tier boutiques such as 

Bulgari — 401 North Rodeo Drive, (310) 858-9216

Gucci — 347 North Rodeo Drive, (310) 278-3451

Ermenegildo Zegna — 337 North Rodeo Drive, (310) 247-8827

Valentino — 324 North Rodeo Drive, (310) 247-0103

FENDI — 355 North Rodeo Drive, (310) 276-8888

Giorgio Armani — 436 North Rodeo Drive, (310) 271-5555

Max Mara — 451 North Rodeo Drive, (310) 385-9343

Bottega Veneta — 457 North Rodeo Drive, (310) 858-6533

Roberto Cavalli — 362 North Rodeo Drive, (310) 276-6006

Prada — 236 North Rodeo Drive, (310) 205-0095

Salvatore Ferragamo — 357 North Rodeo Drive, (310) 273-9990

However, that's not where Rodeo Drive stops when it comes to the top luxury Italian goods available for purchase. Additionally, more obscure (but nonetheless amazing) ready-to-wear Italian fashion shops can be found throughout the area, including the multi-faceted Etro and the high-end handmade suit maker Brioni.

Moving a bit away from fashion and more toward Italy's renowned textile industry, Rodeo Drive is also home to FRETTE, the worldwide leader in high-quality linens. Shops like this make home and garment customization possible, especially if you're looking to decorate with the very best fabrics.

Though its vast selection of retailers puts Rodeo Drive on-par with the likes of New York's Fifth Avenue or Milan's Via Monte Napoleone, this Beverly Hills hotspot is unique considering it is possible to shop any time of year in the almost-perfect Southern California climate.