Caffeine Fix: 8 Great New York Cafés

A by-neighborhood tour of some of the best places to grab a cup of joe in the city.

New York. It's a larger-than-life city — one that can be difficult to navigate, even for a veteran.

Each neighborhood is a city unto itself with its own unique personality. The energy changes as soon as you cross 'hood lines. The specialty coffee movement has swept through New York and is ensuring that travelers and locals alike no longer have to drink bitter, stale coffee to keep them going throughout the day.

And what better way to see the city than by frequenting the best coffee establishments that it has to offer, neighborhood by neighborhood? A good coffee shop or café is the ideal place for prime people-watching and a break from all that walking. Not to mention, a little indulgence for your taste buds. Here is a look at eight favorite spots across the city, from a "grumpy" Chelsea café to an East Village hole-in-the-wall serving coffee that will "make your hair grow."


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