A Guide to Man Candy: Father's Day Gifts

Get Dad what he really wants—a sugar fix!

When all else fails, think bacon.

Candy brands often cater to children and women (think sugary, pink, dainty delicacies), leaving few masculine options for the manly man with a sweet tooth. While mom is generally gifted chocolates, candies or sweet treats to thank her for teaching us right from wrong, dad is often granted ties, cologne, gadgets and sporting goods (cool stuff, but not nearly as delicious - or eatable, really).

Give Dad a Sweet Tooth Fix This Father's Day!

While we enjoy dressing up our old man, making him smell good and teaching him how to download apps (never mind helping him break in a new baseball glove), for Father's Day this month, the sugar daddies in our lives can balance the receipt of generic gifts while leaving behind cutesy confections crafted for youngsters and the opposite sex. No more chocolate kisses, heart-shaped sours, cartoon creatures on the label, or femininely named truffles for our dedicated dude. Instead, our fathers (and grandfathers) can indulge in guy gummies, bacon-inspired bites (because what’s better than sweets with meats?) and non-girly goodies for sweet tooth satisfaction.

Of course, there are gender-neutral goodies that exist: Hershey’s chocolate bars, York Peppermint Patties, Twix bars and Crunch bars, too – but those are every day items found at general grocers and checkout lines. Dad needs something special… something out of the ordinary!

So, whether pops is a military vet (or just likes the great outdoors), a cigar aficionado (or a former smoker) or a gastronomically adventurous guy (or not), we've compiled the perfect picks for dad to celebrate his day—and bonus for sons and daughters on a budget! – these gifts aren't nearly as expensive as fragrances, electronics or man-accessories.


WARNING: Regardless of buyer’s sex, purchasing an extra order of man candy is advised. You just might find yourself snacking on these sweets before Sunday the 16th!