Guide to Las Vegas Weddings

Where to wed, what to eat at your Las Vegas wedding

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

When it comes to planning a wedding, to which parents and extended family will be invited, Las Vegas might not the first city that comes to mind. That Grandma might not appreciate joining hungover college kids at the breakfast buffet is an educated assumption. But with its luxurious accommodations, numerous fine dining options, and endless string of activities for (almost) any wedding guest, Las Vegas can be a fantastic destination for your wedding if you plan it right. It also happens to be a time-tested bachelor/bachelorette party hotspot.

With as many things to do as guests can dream of (and concierges to help organize), a wedding in Vegas can mean very little planning for the bride and groom. Rental cars are rarely needed as cabs are in abundance, spas and salons can be found in every hotel on the Strip, and should your guests want to shop — well, that seems easy enough, too. Send your guests off to take poker lessons while you finalize plans, arrange a round of golf for the groomsmen, or let everyone fend for themselves at Vegas’ many poolside bars.

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