A Guide to Hosting a Perfect Puppy Party

How to host a great party for your favorite pooch and friends

Your pooch with love his very own birthday cake!

Dogs are one of the greatest joys life has to offer, and we don’t just mean the tasty ones from the grill. Man’s best friend is always waiting for you to come home, greet you with a wag and a kiss, and make you smile even after the worst of days. For puppy parents (yes, they count as parents), it is completely rational to treat your furry friend like one of your own. So after your puppy has spent a year learning how to resist destroying your rug and how to listen to commands, why not treat your little guy to a party celebrating just them? Sure, they won’t know it’s their birthday, but they definitely will have fun with all of the great surprises you’ll have in store for them.

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You should of course invite your friends with puppies to attend, but open your doors to friends without pets as well — especially those with little ones who are old enough to play with the dogs. While dog lovers around the world will easily understand your logic, those who are less inclined to friends of the four-legged variety may be hesitant to show. But you can keep all of your guests happy (both canine and human) by creating a fun, balanced atmosphere for all in attendance. While your dog and his pals are chowing down at the puppy biscuit bar, humans can enjoy puppy-inspired human treats.


Once you puppy-proof the house (be armed and ready to clean spot messes), invite friends and their dogs to enjoy a truly unique party. While we can’t guarantee your dog and his pals will be on their best behavior we can promise that they will feel the love if you follow our guide on how to host the perfect puppy party.