Rolling Rock from Guide to Beer for Beer Newbies (Slideshow)

Guide to Beer for Beer Newbies (Slideshow)

Jessica Chou
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Rolling Rock

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Let’s get this straight first: The BrewDog boys are not a fan of Rolling Rock (sorry Anheuser-Busch). "We’re going to start off with the antithesis of what we do," Dickie says.  The problems with this one: it’s a larger industrial beer, with a distinct corn flavor and smell. "It reminds me of the green giant," Dickie says, which Watt pinpoints as the taste of DMS (dimethyl sulfide).

Another tip for the newbie? "Avoid any beer that’s not in a dark bottle," Watt says. "Something that is in a clear bottle or green bottle, the wave lengths of light cause the beer to go bad very quickly. If someone is packaging like that they obviously don’t care too much about how their beer tastes to their consumer." Guess Stella is out of the question.