A Guide to Austin's Farmers' Markets

Austin has a farmers' market for everyone.

Hope Farmers' Market in Austin, Texas

While Austin is certainly well-known for its happening music scene, the city also has a growing collection of farmers' markets.

You can can now find a farmers' market or neighborhood farmstand almost any day of the week in Central Texas. The largest markets are held on Saturday and stretch from South Austin to Cedar Park. The Sunset Valley Farmers' Market (at the Toney burger Center) and the Downtown Austin Farmers' Market (4th and Guadalupe) are run by the Sustainable Food Center, a local nonprofit that works to make fresh, local food available to all Austinites. The other two large Saturday markets, Barton Creek Farmers' Market and the Cedar Park Farmers' Market, are hosted at two of the area malls, making it easy to combine all of your shopping in one trip.

If you miss the Saturday markets, you can catch the Hope Farmers' Market on Sunday or the Triangle Farmers' Market on Wednesday (also you can run by the Sustainable Food Center). While smaller than their Saturday counterparts, both markets have plenty for shoppers to fill their baskets.

All of the markets offer a wide array of goods beyond the produce you might be expecting, including milk, cheese, beef, pork, lamb, fish preserves, tortillas, and more. The following are some of the more unique vendors and food artisans you can find at Austin's local markets.


Confituras (Barton Creek, Triangle): jams, jellies, and preserves.

Dai Due Butcher Shop (Downtown): handmade sausages, charcuterie and preserves.

Full  Quiver Farm (Barton Creek, Cedar Park): cheese, dairy, pork, and beef.

Jake's Granola (Downtown, Hope): granola and biscotti.

Kelly Jo & Company (Barton Creek, Hope): salsas and dips.

Kocureck Family Charcuterie (All Markets): handmade sausages, charcuterie, and preserves.

Mediterranean Chef (All Markets): Mediterranean mezze and specialties.

Richardson Farms (Barton Creek, Triangle): beef, pork, and chicken.

Salt & Time (Hope): salumi and charcuterie.

San Miguel Seafood (Downtown): Gulf seafood.

Texas Olive Ranch (Downtown, Sunset Valley): olive oils and vinegars.

Urban Roots (Downtown, Triangle): produce from a farm run by local high school students.