Grey Goose, Hennessy, and Patrón Most Popular Boozes in Pop Songs

A new study found that almost half of the booze mentions in pop songs reference these brands

How popular is alcohol in pop songs?

It's pretty obvious that pop music has plenty to do with consumerism (Fergie), or anti-consumerism (Macklemore). And when it comes to alcohol, it's common to hear a rapper drop some brand names (think Nicki Minaj, with her line of moscato).

A new study confirms just that; published in Informa Health Care, researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health crunched the numbers and found 720 most popular songs from Billboard Magazine's year end charts from 2009 to 2011. Of the 720 songs, 23 percent referenced alcohol, and 6.4 percent mentioned a specific alcohol brand, PS Mag reports.

This is hardly surprising; earlier this year CDZA compiled every brand name mention in a pop song, from tech gadgets to cars. One specific section, however, focused on alcohol: Chandon, Red Bull and vodkas, Bacardi, Courvoisier, Seagram's Gin, and Jack Daniel's, all of which would cost the pop industry some $9,000 to actually drink. And of course, all of these were referenced in a  positive light, which is "alarming, because they suggest that popular music may be serving as a major source of promotion of alcohol use in general — and of the consumption of several specific brands in particular — to underage youth," the researchers write.

Not surprisingly, the study found that songs that were classified as "urban" had the most alcohol and alcoholic brand references, all of which were positive or neutral. Surprisingly, "there were no alcohol brand mentions in any of the rock songs," researchers write.

As for which brands are the most popular? Of all the alcohol mentions, 46 percent of them referenced four brands alone: Patrón tequila, Hennessy cognac, Grey Goose vodka, and Jack Daniel's whiskey.


"Nearly all of the brand mentions for Patrón, Hennessy, Remy Martin, Grey Goose, Ciroc, Cristal, and Moet occurred in urban songs, whereas four of the five brand mentions for Jack Daniel’s occurred in pop and country songs, and nine of the 12 references to brands of beer were in country songs," the researchers write. Now we just have to see how many times alcohol is mentioned in a song; we imagine LMFAO's "Shots" song would seriously skew those numbers.