Almost Every Booze Purchase in Hip-Hop in 1 Song

From Snoop Dogg to 50 Cent to Ke$ha to even R. Kelly

You never really realize exactly how much rappers are calling out alcohol in their rhymes until they're named next to each other for a good 20 seconds of music. So here it is: the Hip-Hop Shopping Spree, courtesy of orchestral mashup masters CDZA.

The video starts out by listing off every shopping reference ever, from tech gadgets to cars to Gucci. There's samples from Biggie Smalls, Fergie, Macklemore (obviously), with references to shoes, coats, gadgets. But the biggest section has to be the bottle of booze on the table, starting at 1:15. There's Chandon, Red Bull and vodkas, Bacardi rum, Bacardi Gold, Courvoisier, Seagram's Gin, and Ke$ha's bottle of Jack Daniels. The total amount of money spent on alcohol in these songs? More than $9,000, which, when you think about it, is pretty tame. Probably because they were calculating retail prices and not bottle service?

Watch the full video below, then drop some of your favorite hip-hop booze lines. Pretty glad they didn't include the shots song.

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