The Greenest Restaurants in America


Whether of not the restaurant they are visiting is environmentally friendly is not the first thing on many people’s minds where they choose a place to eat. However, more and more restaurants are opting for green and efficient energy options both in their kitchens and dinging areas. These eateries are making headlines around the country for their commitment to sustainable eating. Here are some of best restaurants to grab an environmentally friendly bite in the United States.

Uncommon Ground: This is the most environmentally friendly restaurant in the world according to the Green Restaurant Association. It has highly developed recycling and composting programs that allow very little to go to waste. In addition, Uncommon Ground takes local produce to a new level. They grow many of the vegetables they use in a rooftop garden.

Kona Pub and Brewery: One of Hawaii’s oldest brew pubs is also one of the greenest restaurants in America. Kona pub uses high-efficiency heating and cooking facilities to keep energy costs to a minimum. The inside of the historic building is also decorated entirely in salvaged and recycled decor.

The Grey Plume: Unexpectedly located in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska, The Grey Plume is a great place to find green cooking in the heart of middle America. The restaurant serves local seasonally-based food, so the menu is always changing. It also runs an on site composting project for kitchen waste.

Ruggles Green: This Houston restaurant is great for enjoying a green meal without sacrificing taste. They are all about burgers, fries, and woodfire pizzas, each of which is made with locally sourced ingredients. In addition, they donate part of their profits to Houston environmental organizations each year.

Xoco: This cafe in the heart of Chicago is perfect for city dwellers on the go. It specializes in southwest-inspired tortas, soups, and hot chocolates. All foods are made with locally sourced meats and produce, and the kitchen has the latest in high efficiency appliances.

The Sushi Bar: This gorgeous sushi restaurant in McCall, Idaho is dedicated to using sustainable fish supplies in all its dishes. It also features a very sophisticated on site water catchment and release program to keep water usage to a minimum.

Founding Farmers: Few people know more about the importance of locally sourced food than the people who grow it. Founding Farmers is a co-op restaurant owned and run by the North Dakota Farmer’s Union. They use only local ingredients in their rich dishes, as well as certified organic produce. The kitchen and bathrooms are optimized to use as little water as possible.

Claire’s on Cedros: This California bistro was built using green building practices. The menu us based on seasonal food items and uses primarily locally sourced produce, meat, and dairy.

Sugar & Olives: This cute French bistro in Connecticut also uses seasonal ingredients in its trademark desserts and crepes. There is a recreational cooking school on site at the restaurant that uses energy efficient appliances to teach students how to prepare tasty meals.

Restaurants that use green practices allow diners to enjoy a great meal while still maintaining a clean ecological conscience.

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