Green Russel: Denver's Swanky Speakeasy

Denver's Swanky Speakeasy

Looking for a speak-easy type of venue to take your date or celebrate a special event? The Green Russell should be your next stop.

The Green Russell in Denver, Colorado is a little on the pricey side for drinks. If you are paying $12-$18 for a cocktail in Denver, you probably expect the best products and the best service possible.

And that’s what you will get at the Green Russell. It is swanky, sexy, and takes the patron right back into the 20’s.

The bartenders are dressed to the nines in their slacks, bow-ties, hats, and vests. They will take your order from the cocktail menu, or, if you do not see anything you would like to drink, they can create something unique to please your palate.

Notes: make sure you get a reservation, and dress nicely. Turn off your phone before you get inside; cell phones are forbidden.