Gordon Ramsay Finally Complimented a Fan’s Cooking on Twitter

Twitter is overwhelmed with excitement that someone finally pleased Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay finally complimented a fan's cooking on Twitter, and the Internet couldn't believe what it had just seen.

Gordon Ramsay is not easily impressed, and he does not mince words when critiquing people’s cooking, even when those people are his fans. In spite of his reputation for being extremely mean about people’s cooking, some brave souls on Twitter have recently taken to Tweeting their food photos at Gordon Ramsay in the hopes that he will comment on them, and the celebrity chef has obliged by brutally roasting scores of his own fans and comparing their cooking to bodily functions. This week, however, Ramsay stunned Twitter by finally complimenting someone’s food.

People have been Tweeting their food photos at Gordon Ramsay for weeks, and for the most part they don't seem to mind how brutal his critiques were. Ramsay told one fan that his poached egg in noodle soup, “Looks like toxic scum on a stagnant pool.”

When another fan showed Ramsay the boiled bacon and cabbage she’d made for her husband, Ramsay told her that her husband was working late to avoid it.

This week, however, the unthinkable happened, and Ramsay actually complimented someone.

A fan going by @B_Rabbit_Jax sent Ramsay a photo of the pork loin her fiancé had cooked for her, and asked what the celebrity chef thought of it.

“Marry him,” Ramsay said, and that might be the nicest thing Gordon Ramsay has ever said to anybody.

It was a beautiful pork loin, too. The mysterious fiancé prepared it with lemon and rosemary in a cast iron skillet, and it turned out so nicely that even Gordon Ramsay approved.

Twitter couldn’t believe it. Gordon Ramsay had finally complimented a fan's cooking on Twitter.

“Gordon was nice on Twitter. Damn. What a good time to be alive,” wrote one stunned Twitter user.

@B_Rabbit_Jax thanked Ramsay for the kind critique and assured him that she would indeed be marrying the cook responsible for the beautiful pork loin.


Then Ramsay asked another fan how he’d managed to make an omelette look like a skin graft, and the world went back to normal.