Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter Response to This Chef with Epilepsy Will Make You Tear Up


Ramsay may be known for his on-screen outbursts, but he’s equally lauded for his off-screen kindness.

Chef Gordon Ramsay may have garnered a reputation for screaming, yelling, and cursing on his shows, but is he actually a softie in real life?His shows are called Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares for a reason, but off-screen reports indicate that Ramsay may not be the horror his intimidating demeanor makes him out to be.

Aaron Merry, an epileptic, recently out-of-work chef, reached out to Gordon Ramsay on Twitter:

Ramsay’s response a few hours later was spot-on:

The young chef seems to be pretty determined, despite his condition:

Merry’s father confirmed with Buzzfeed that the Ramsay Group human resource director left a “long voicemail” asking for Aaron to meet with them in London:

“He’s still studying at college, he was trying to learn his trade academically, and then apply that in part time jobs, so he was juggling quite a lot,” Merry said. “On a personal level regardless of where it goes, we just want to thank Gordon and the Ramsay Group for following through on what they said.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time chef Ramsay has done something like this; In April we reported on his Reddit AMA, during which he offered a job to a struggling chef.


It turns out that big mouths sometimes have even bigger hearts.