Golden Globe Celebrities Indulge on Opulent Desserts


Hollywood has never been shy about glitz and glamour. Now, we can add excess to the menu. The Guardian reports that the desserts at the 69th Golden Globes, described as "a chocolate delice, almond crunch terrine, garnished with acacia honey, caramel, and fresh berries," were dusted with edible gold flakes at $135 a gram. Yes, $135 a gram.

Executive pastry chef Thomas Henzi explained, "There is gold dust on there for the Golden Globes," which he admits will pair perfectly with the Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2002 magnums created for the night. Not too shabby.

Not everyone is thrilled. Joel Berg of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger mentioned "an irony that the people who need it least often get free food wherever they go, but we still make
it extraordinarily difficult for people to obtain government food benefits.”

The theme of the menu of this year’s award show is “Global Food Harmony.” Perhaps some of the evening's more outspoken activist actors, like George Clooney, will take note.  Certainly, the Globes' comedic host Ricky Gervais has ample food fodder.

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