10 Celebrities Fighting Hunger in America

Which of America's most famous celebrities are doing their part to help fight hunger?
Which of America's most famous celebrities are doing their part to help fight hunger?
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Which of America's most famous celebrities are doing their part to help fight hunger?

You know the rundown on your average famous face — lookers like Clooney, Affleck, Paltrow, and Aniston. They’re insanely wealthy, jet-setters without a doubt, earn a seemingly endless amount of media attention, and if they’re really lucky have at least one of the golden guys (Oscar, Emmy, Tony, and/or Golden Globe.) What do some of these stars also believe comes along with that castle in Como or that yacht in St. Tropez? Responsibility.

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Sure, the last thing you want to hear is another actor who thinks he or she knows everything about politics. But there are some celebrities who do more than just talk. These stars view their popularity as an opportunity to really effect change. Some, like Jeff Bridges, have been fighting the good fight for a long time. Bridges founded the End to Hunger Network in 1983 to raise awareness about the woes of childhood hunger. He's also now the national spokesperson for the No Kid Hungry campaign. George Clooney is another prime example. He has spent years devoting energy to fighting homelessness in America through the Realizing the Dream campaign, and his own charity, Not On Our Watch, has donated millions of dollars to help those suffering in Sudan, with much of the funding going through the United Nations World Food Programme.

Other actors have taken a heavy-footed stance on these issues as well. Good Will Hunting costars and cause regulars Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have paired up yet again, this time with Feed America to portray the stories of real people suffering from food insecurity in America. The two have teamed up fight a number of global issues including hunger, poverty, AIDS, and the crisis in Darfur.

But it's not just actors doing their part to tackle these important issues, it's musicians too. Jon Bon Jovi's latest restaurant with the JBJ Soul Foundation is now open in Red Bank, N.J. The restaurant, called "Soul Kitchen," runs somewhat like a soup kitchen. The menu doesn't have prices; if you can't donate cash, you can volunteer instead. 50 Cent, known for his signature bad-boy demeanor, is using Facebook and his Street King brand to "hustle to one million meals." His aim? To feed one billion children in five years.

Other musicians and bands use their abilities to sell out stadiums from here to Tokyo to help fill food banks (Maroon 5) or donate a portion of their concert's proceeds to raising awareness (Bruce Springsteen). Heck, Bono is even cursing for a cause alongside a slew of stars, including Jessica Alba, Ewan McGregor, and Idris Elba — all giving the big “F” to famine.

And some stars have really gotten creative with how they use their signature skills. For instance, Jeff Gordon is driving for senior hunger, Christina Aguilera is singing lullabies to get things going for World Hunger Relief, and Adam Levine and the gang are drinking Snapple to save lives. And these are just some of the celebrities who have taken up hunger as their philanthropic cause.

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