Gluten-Free in NYC: Coconut Macaroons at Baked in Brooklyn

Staff Writer
Baked in Red Hook offers a decadent, gluten-free coconut macaroon
Credit: Lea Faminiano

Baked serves coconut macaroon pyramids that are big enough to fill the palm of your hand.

Red Hook, as disconnected as it is from the rest of the subway-attached city, has a ton of treats worth trekking out for. There’s Steve’s Key Lime Pie at Swingles, the ballpark food trucks, any cocktail at Fort Defiance, and cheap beers from Sunny’s; but right on Van Brunt Street lies a little shop called Baked, serving a gluten-free gem that’ll give you one more reason to make the trip: the giant pyramid coconut macaroon.

Sure, they have regular cookies and brownies, but ignore the glutinous temptations and look for the glass jar filled with coconut macaroon pyramids. So majestic that they conjure visions of the pyramids in Giza, they are somehow both dense and fluffy, a combination practically unheard of in the gluten-free world. Filled with flaky coconut goodness on the inside, baked to a golden crisp on the outside, and finished off with a dark chocolate-dipped base, this is probably one of the most indulgent macaroons you’ll ever come across.

No dinky little coconut balls here; these pyramids are big enough to fill the palm of your hand, and you will leave feeling incredibly satisfied. While Baked isn’t exclusively gluten-free, the macaroons are more substantial than most gluten-free items you’ll find at any other bakery, so all you gluten-free diners won’t even feel left out amongst all that’s gluten-filled. However you end up getting to Red Hook, throw a sweet gluten-free note in there and head over to Baked ASAP.

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