Global Gulp: New York Egg Cream

A Manhattan newsstand still serves the misnomered fizzy mix

Egg creams are traditionally made with chocolate syrup. (Photo: David Berkowitz/CC4.0)

Once a staple of Big Apple soda fountains, the classic New York egg cream is a refreshing summer time sipper.

The drink: Despite its name, there are no eggs or cream in a classic egg cream. The soda-fountain drink is made with milk, seltzer, and, traditionally, Fox’s U-Bet chocolate syrup. Other variations include vanilla, strawberry, and hazelnut syrups.

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The egg cream’s origins: Some say the drink debuted in Brooklyn in the 1880s and others say it started at the now-shuttered Moisha’s Luncheonette in the Lower East Side in the 1920s. Still others claim its origins were at a Lower East Side candy store in the 1920s. No matter the origin, the bubbly beverage became a Big Apple soda-fountain favorite.

Who drinks it: Jack Kerouac was said to sip egg creams at Gem Spa, an East Village newsstand and soda fountain.

Where to buy an egg cream: Gem Spa, a newsstand on the corner of St. Mark’s Place and Second Avenue in New York has been serving the drink for decades. What at first glance may seem like an unlikely spot to enjoy a cool, classic egg cream is, indeed, the site of one of the best.

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