Girl Who Drank Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail Speaks Out

The teenager who lost her stomach speaks out against the 'theatrical' drink

The teenager who lost her stomach after drinking a liquid nitrogen cocktail in Lancaster, U.K., is finally speaking about her ordeal — and for those with a weak stomach, it's not a pretty scene. 

Gaby Scanlon, from Heysham, Lancashire, is quoted in the West Moreland Magazine in the U.K., opening up about what actually happened after that liquid nitrogen drink. Scanlon said she felt fine after the first drink, but felt "excruciating pain" after the second. But the bartender who gave her the drink for her birthday told her that the cocktails might make her a bit gassy, so she wasn't worried about it — until she felt her stomach start to expand. 

Once she was at the hospital, the doctors realized the extreme cold temperature of the drink (liquid nitrogen only exists between -210 and -196 degrees Celsius) had burned a hole in her stomach and destroyed the inside lining of her stomach. The surgeons had to connect her esophagus directly to her bowel and remove her stomach. Now, she faces a life of a very limited diet, vitamin supplements, and liquids. 

Scanlon said she and her family are considering legal action against the bar for compensation. She said, "I feel angry that these theatrical cocktails seem to be aimed at younger people, especially 18 year olds who are just legally able to drink and want to go out and try these things, but it's not worth it." While she said she's optimistic and grateful to be alive, she says, "It never should have happened in the first place." 

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