UK Government Pushes to Ban Use of Liquid Nitrogen in Drinks

After an 18-year-old lost her stomach to a liquid nitrogen cocktail, the government is urging more regulations

After an 18-year-old drinker in England had to have her stomach removed after ingesting a liquid nitrogen cocktail, the government is urging for stronger regulations for using liquid nitrogen in mixology — and may even ban it altogether. 

The Telegraph reports the Lancaster's MP, Conservative David Morris is going to the top to ban liquid nitrogen from cocktails, including the Food Safety Agency. He wrote in a letter, "I have been shocked that such a chemical is being added to drinks to be consumed by young people. I therefore, will be commencing a campaign to have drinks containing Liquid Nitrogen banned." 


While using liquid nitrogen in cocktails isn't illegal (yet), many have warned that its extreme cold temperatures could be harmful. The police are also investigating the bar where the incident occured, Oscar's Wine Bar, for any misconduct.