Thin Mint Cupcake Mix Is a Thing That Exists Now

Pillsbury’s new Girl Scout cupcake and brownie mixes are coming
girl scout cake mix


Thin Mint and Caramel DeLites Girl Scout cookies are now available in cupcake and brownie mix form at the grocery store. 

The only sad thing about Girl Scout cookie season is that it ends, but now it never needs to stop because PIllsbury has come out with a line of cupcake and brownie mixes flavored like the Girl Scout cookies.

According to PopSugar, the new Girl Scout line from Pillsbury includes both brownie and cupcake mixes flavored like Thin Mints and “Caramel and Coconut” flavors. The latter is modeled after the ring-shaped coconut Girl Scout cookies called Samoas in some places and Caramel deLites in others.

Of course, with the new availability of Thin Mints and caramel coconut blondies and cupcakes in the grocery store, a sudden-onset Thin Mint craving can easily be handled in one’s own kitchen, instead of sitting around thinking, “Man, I’d really like some Girl Scout cookies right now.” That’s pretty good news for anyone who really misses their Girl Scout cookies fix whenever the cookies are out of season. So, basically that’s good news for everybody.

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