Samoa Cold Buttered Rum With Chocolate Liqueur Whipped Cream from 8 Drinks That Taste Just Like Girl Scout Cookies (Slideshow)

8 Drinks That Taste Just Like Girl Scout Cookies (Slideshow)


Samoa Cold Buttered Rum With Chocolate Liqueur Whipped Cream

Buttered rum doesn't have to be hot, and Samoas don't have to come in solid form: this sweet treat is a liquor-filled interpretation of those perfect gooey-yet-firm Samoas. 

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Cranberry Citrus Crisps Refresher

Our delicious cocktail is decidedly less healthful than the Girl Scouts original, which packs whole grains, real fruit, and no artifical flavors or colors. But ours is filled with the same bright cranberry and zesty citrus flavors. Plus, you know, alcohol.

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Frosty Gin Lemonade

Tart lemon icing on top of buttery shortbread: what could improve upon this combination — besides a dash of spirits?

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Trefoil Old Fashioned

This favorite classic cocktail gets a sweet cookie turn in the Trefoil Old Fashioned.

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Savannah Smiletini

Bright, zesty lemon balanced with powdered sugar: Savannah Smiles are a cult favorite among Girl Scout Cookie lovers, and our cocktail is the best version for the off season. 

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Tagalong Mudslide

Peanut butter and chocolate have gone together far more frequently and successfully than a horse and carriage in recent years. The Tagalong Mudslide is our gooey, delicious rendition.  

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Peanut Butter Patty Cocktail

Sure, the Girl Scouts claim Peanut Butter Pattys are the same thing as Tagalongs (just made in a different bakery), but are they really? So we made a cocktail in honor of both. You know, just to be safe.

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Thin Mint Martini

You know how a Thin Mint cookie tastes all extra-minty-chocolatey-delicious-cool straight from the freezer? Mm-hm, we dream about it all year, too, so we decided to build a Thin Mint cocktail around the premise. And yes, it's really that good. 

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