Giant Half-Ton Corkscrew Opens and Pours Wine

It would make a great centerpiece, or a housewarming gift, for some £75,000


We've all gone and lost our corkscrew at a dinner, so we rounded up ways to use a chef's knife or a shoe to open your bottle of red.

Luckily for those of us with space, designer Robb Higgs has a completey different solution for the missing-corkscrew dilemma — create a corkscrew so large, you'll never lose it. His invention "Corkscrew," is 5.5 feet tall.

While the machine is really cool (just turn a crank and it'll uncork your bottle and pour your wine), it does have a couple of glitches. Not only does it weigh half a ton, it also doesn't seem to do refills, and it kind of takes forever to get the booze flowing.

But if you're into unecessary-yet-awesome gadgets to showcase, OneOfOne has commissioned 25 machines, made from 300 pieces of scrap metal. Three of these were sold for £100,000; OneOfOne is reportedly selling the other 22 for £75,000.