Ghost peppers

Ghost Pepper Chex Mix Will Seriously Spice Up Your Snacking

That’s hot! Dare yourself to indulge in this peppery mix featuring one of the planet’s hottest peppers
Ghost peppers

Maybe you’re one of those hot-food lovers who has to challenge the chef at an Indian restaurant. If the pain of hot, spicy foods is pleasure for you, here’s a new snack to try: Chex Mix now has a new flavor using the much-feared ghost pepper.

The blog for General Mills, maker of Chex Mix, describes Ghost Pepper Chex Mis this way: “Excite your taste buds and shock your senses with a new hot and spicy flavor of Chex Mix, featuring one of the hottest peppers on the planet.”

Ghost Pepper Chex Mix

General Mills

The new snack mix features warnings about its spiciness right on the package.

Chex Mix, of course, is a snack mix that blends Chex breakfast cereal and other crunchy, crispy snacks, such as hard breadsticks, pretzels, nuts and crackers. There are numerous flavor varieties, with savory choices including cheddar, honey BBQ and sour cream and onion, and sweet offerings like caramel crunch and snickerdoodle. But the ghost-pepper spiced blend is new this summer.

Don’t throw this in an unlabeled bowl without warning your fellow snackers: Even the bag warns “danger” and “scary hot.” Ghost peppers, cultivated in northeast India, are no joke. They’re one of the fieriest of all chiles, as much as 10 times hotter than habaneros.

Chex Mix is far from the only food to add a little ghost pepper sass these days. Ice cream, Wendy’s French fries and Taco Time burritos have all spiced up with the legendary pepper.

If ghost peppers are haunting your dreams, consider a trip to one of the 15 best countries for spicy-food lovers.

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