Get it Now: President Obama's Beer Kit

A homebrew shop in Chicago is selling a kit with the President's recipe

The Obama homebrew kit.

Now that everyone's got their hands on President Obama's beer recipe, it's time to take a taste. While homebrewers can whip up their own Honey Blonde ale, some of us might need the help of more experienced brewers. Fortunately, Chicago's Brew Camp has stepped up to the task. 

Thanks to Zagat for pointing out Brew Camp's newest addition to its kits, the White House Honey Blonde Ale and Porter. It's got every ingredient listed in President Obama's recipe, with one exception: organic honey made in Illinois, rather than honey grown in Michelle Obama's beehives. 

If you're not in the Chicago area, where you can buy a kit on Brew Camp's Lincoln Square location, you can order one online. If you are, you can also stop in for a dedicated homebrew class to the recipes. Think Obama will show up? He might score a few more votes.