Bowl of dog food with can of dog food
mikroman6/Getty Images/The Daily Meal

Charity Accidentally Serves Senior Citizens Dog Food

A charity misread some labels and sent dog food to senior citizens
Bowl of dog food with can of dog food
mikroman6/Getty Images/The Daily Meal

A German service that delivers meals to the elderly accidentally delivered packages of high-end dog food.

A mix-up at a warehouse created an embarrassing fiasco for a German charity that was looking to brighten the holidays for some senior citizens when they accidentally delivered a high-end dog food by mistake.

According to The Local, Osnabrücker Tafel is a German service that delivers meals to the elderly, much like Meals on Wheels does. During Christmas, however, they accidentally delivered packages of dog food. It was reportedly a pretty high-end dog food that came in glass jars labeled “venison and potatoes with garden vegetables” and “from the land,” so the mix-up was somewhat understandable. Somehow nobody noticed the phrase “gourmet food for animals” written in small letters on top of the jars.

"Our warehouse manager sorts through many tonnes of groceries every day and it is possible that due to the design of the packaging, he did not notice," said the charity’s chief executive, Dieter Möllmann.

One man reportedly noticed and reported the problem after he started cooking the food and noticed the aroma was not appetizing. Upon further investigation, he realized it was meant for animals.

The charity says it receives many tons of food from sponsors, then sorts the food in its warehouse and distributes the products to the elderly and people in need.

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The dog food producer maintains that its packaging is clearly labeled as dog food, but also says that it is harmless to humans and that if anyone ate it, they would be fine.