Swiss Cafe Adds Prostitution to Morning Menu

Geneva could be getting a sex cafe by the end of the year
Cup of coffee

Wikimedia/Julius Schorzman

A Swiss coffee shop with oral sex on the menu could be opening in Geneva by the end of the year. 

Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, and one Geneva company plans on attempting to revolutionize the morning routine by opening a “sex cafe” where customers could add some oral sex to their morning coffee order.

According to The Local Switzerland, customers at the “fellatio cafe” would show up and order a cup of coffee with an iPad, which would also let them select one of the cafe’s prostitutes. Then the customer would just sit at the bar and receive their coffee and oral sex. Then they’d leave.

In five or ten minutes, it’s all over,” said Bradley Charvet of Facegirl, the Geneva escort company behind this idea.

The coffee and oral sex would run 55 euros, or about $61. For a $5 surcharge, customers could get a latte macchiato instead of a regular coffee.


Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, but all sex workers must have valid licenses to work, and massage parlors have to follow strict rules and regulations.