General Mills Looks to Revive Breakfast Cereals

The owner of Cheerios plans to harness food trends to boost sales

Cheerios and other cereals are set to add a protein line.

Even though breakfast cereal sales in America have dropped 3.5 percent in the past year, General Mills remains optimistic that it will soon become the people’s breakfast of choice again. The company plans on bringing back some love for cereal by utilizing food trends in their newest varieties. Trends such as gluten-free, protein, and fiber are set to boost their cereals’ sales and attract new consumers, they hope.

The company now has a new protein line of breakfast cereals, which includes Cheerios Protein, Nature Valley Protein Granola, and Fiber One Protein. General Mills is also harnessing the power of the gluten-free trend. In fact, Chex cereal has been gluten free since 2008, and General Mills believes that the switch is one of the reasons the brand has grown since 2010. The company is planning on expanding their line of gluten-free cereals to include options like Vanilla Chex.


According to a study done by the U.S. Census, cereal still remains the most popular breakfast item in America. The survey also showed that cereal is most popular for people under 13 years of age or over 55, and the Hispanic demographic eats more cereal than any other. New General Mills cereals will be released throughout 2015.