Fuselage Feasts: Airplane Restaurants and Hotels Take Off

Airplane restaurants and hotels around the world

Ristroaero is a Convair Metropolitan that was used by the president of The Coca-Cola Company and is now a restaurant in Rome.

Where can you eat and sleep on an airplane without paying for a ticket? At airports, retired hangars, rural farmlands, and on bustling city streets, dining and sleeping are elevated to new heights with airplane restaurants and hotels across the world.

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Whether it’s your fantasy to sleep in the cockpit, pretend you are flying a jumbo jet, or eat gourmet food in first class, airplane restaurants and airplane hotels around the world give travelers the chance to live their aviation dreams for a few hours or for the night.

The decommissioned planes, from small turboprop planes to Boeing 747s, have storied pasts that include hauling manure, carrying cargo, and playing a role in covert missions in Southeast Asia,. Many of the aircraft have been claimed by airplane enthusiasts and turned into fanciful airplane restaurants and hotels.

One of the planes, a DC-3 that has been retrofitted to look like the space shuttle, still logs miles, on the road, that is. And should you decide you want your very own airplane, the mobile kitchen is for sale.