Book ‘Wine for Dummies’ Leads to Wine Bottles for Dummies

No really: you can now buy 'Wines for Dummies' and drink it up

Wines for Dummies

Well, in retrospect, why wouldn't the super-popular brand "___ For Dummies" make its own Wines for Dummies package? We've now discovered the easiest way to learn about wine: drinking a wine that's, well, you get it. 

The wine bottle package, which were launched by Vision Wine & Spirits, bear the same logo and design as the "For Dummies" books, shares FastCo. The four wines, a pinot grigio, chianti, cabernet sauvignon, and chardonnay, sell for $10 per bottle have the same spirit as the books: understandable. “What made the book so successful was a level of education with levity... We wanted to do the same things with the wines," said Mark Tucker, director of marketing for Vision Wine and Spirits to FastCo. 


So what do these teach-all wines include? Phonetics on the labels, pairing suggestions, and QR codes for wine technical sheets to learn more. The wines, which launched in New Jersey in May, have spread to now 20 states. Is it just so crazy that it just might work? No doubt: cost-efficient wines "have taken away the pretentiousness" of wine, Tucker says; Businessweek notes that top-selling brand of wine is the ever-affordable E.J. Gallo's wine Barefoot Wine. Plus, the book Wine for Dummes is in its 5th edition, and it's one of the Dummies' bestsellers.