Fueling Future Olympians

Great tips from Olympic health trainer Douglas N. Graham for moms to keep their all-stars well-fed and energized this summer

Plan ahead with snacks and activities to fuel your future Olympian during trips this summer.

Helping your child eat healthy while traveling can be a challenge. Fueling Olympians and future Olympians on the go is difficult because of unfamiliar foods, lack of knowledge about the local food scene, and other factors.

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Dr. Douglas N. Graham, an Olympic health trainer and coach who has worked with the likes of tennis ace Martina Navratilova, NBA star Ronnie Grandison, and professional bowler Bruce Hamilton, counsels Olympians and Olympic hopefuls on the techniques, practices, and benefits of healthy living and eating.

Graham, who has written The 80/10/10 Diet, and lives a raw vegan lifestyle, helps his clients maintain a routine while on the road.

"I’m not obsessed about food but I cover my bases," said Graham, who has trained a number of Olympians, including Jamaican hurdler Isa Phillips.

Graham cites dehydration and the body’s difficulty with dealing with microbes in unfamiliar locales as culprits that sometimes lead athletes and travelers to tummy trouble, which leads to poor athletic performance.

"It’s not fun to go on vacation and spend it in the bathroom," said Graham.

We couldn’t agree more. Graham shares, in his own words, his tips for moms to keep their all-stars well-fed and energized this summer. See Graham’s tips for Fueling Future Olympians Slideshow.