Fritz’s Bakery: Philadelphia’s Best German Buns

German sticky buns that will lure you north of the city

Fritz’s Bakery has been a Philadelphia-area staple for more than 35 years. The family-owned operation produces quality cinnamon rolls and cakes, and it's a worthy destination for a sumptuous breakfast.

"Our philosophy has always been to serve our customers baked goods that proudly represent the family name," owner Paul Bartholomae has said,

That is undoubtedly true, particularly when talking about their authentic German sticky buns.

A visit to Fritz’s is well worth the quick 20-minute trip north of Center City to locations in both Langhorne and Bensalem, Penn. Why? Their sticky buns are based off recipes that date back to the 1930s, and all are baked fresh daily.

While their topping selection is limited, what Fritz’s does offer simply works. A sprinkling of walnuts, raisins, a combination of both, or freshly made cream cheese is available to top sticky buns, but the best way to truly experience the Fritz’s taste is by ordering a plain version. It’s the ideal combination of fresh dough dripping with sugar and cinnamon that makes for a decadent and unique Philadelphia experience.

Although nothing beats eating a sticky bun straight from Fritz’s kitchen, takeout is always an option. If you plan to do so, simply reheat them in the oven to enjoy the German sweet.