Fresh Coffee Straight from 'The Source'

If you like your coffee fresh, you might want to join The Source Coffee Co.

The Source Coffee Co brings fresh coffee beans to you.

Can’t get fresh enough coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts? A new startup, The Source Coffee Co, might be the solution to your problem. A members-only coffee subscription service, the company brings coffee beans directly from the famers to customers.

Although the company is based in Vancouver, Washington, the coffee beans come from farms in Guatemala and Nicaragua. The Source Coffee Co. purchases crop shares from the farmers, roasts the beans, packages them, then distributes the product within a few hours of the roasting process. For a monthly fee between $25 and $35, depending on the level of membership, the customers receive the fresh coffee beans twice a month.

Besides bringing a fresh product to your doorstep, The Source Coffee Co. is working to end a cycle of poverty by eliminating the debt-creating expense of the middleman. A percentage of the profits are given to the nonprofit division of the company, which then create grants. The coffee bean farmers can apply for these grants. If received, The Source then purchases all of the coffee grown by the farmer that year. Without having to worry about money, the farmers can focus solely on growing high-quality coffee.


Check out The Source Coffee Co’s website to bring the product to your doorstep or for more information on how the company and their mission.