The French Don't Drink Wine Anymore, World Is Officially Over

The French now only drink 1 glass of wine per day, and actually prefer fruit juice with dinner: what is happening to the world?

Perhaps we need a bit of a talking-to with the good people of France to find out what's up: are they not feeling well? Did something tragic happen? And most importantly, where did all the wine go? 

The Agence France Press reports on new research revealing that French consumption of wine has fallen to a new low; adults consume less than one glass of wine per day. And only one in five adults drink wine every day. Consider what the wine consumption for the average adult was back in 1965, at 160 liters — that number dropped to 57 liters in 2010. Sacrilege! 

The researchers revealed possible reasons for the decline: economic worries, plus health worries. After being inundated with news of health problems associated with regular alcohol consumption, people are putting down their glasses. The researchers also shared that wine with dinner has become wine on the weekends, as people are limiting consumption to celebrations and relaxation. 


But perhaps the most disturbing news of the latest research is what the French are actually drinking: fruit juices and fizzy drinks. Fizzy, sugary drinks? Dear French neighbors, don't go down the same road as your American comrades: we're paying the price for our sugary drink consumption.