French Bakers Respond to Kanye's Croissant Dig

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'We know you are a busy man, M. West, but we believe that your patience for croissants will always be rewarded'

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French bakers are up in arms about Kanye's croissant reference.

Not sure how we missed this amazing letter to rapper Kanye West, but here it is: The Hollywood Reporter has uncovered a letter addressed to Monsieur Kanye West from the Association of French Bakers in Paris. The subject? "Regarding Croissants in 'I am a God.'"

As Kanye fans may know, the rapper served a major dig to the French culinary genius that is the croissant, in the verse, "In a French-a** restaurant/Hurry up with my damn croissants."

The organization, it seems, took issue with this line, with many taking offense to the couplet. "The croissant is born of tender care and craftsmanship... This process, as you can understand, takes much time... We know you are a busy man, M. West, but we believe that your patience for croissants will always be rewarded," the letter says. But it gets better.

"From the other lines in the song, we have come to understand that you may in fact be a 'God.' Yet if this were the case  —  and we, of course, take you at your word  —  we wonder why you do not more frequently employ your omnipotence to change time and space to better suit your own personal whims. For us mere mortals, we must wait the time required for the croissant to come to perfect fruition, but as a deity, you can surely alter the bread’s molecular structure faster than the speed of light, no? And with your omniscience, perhaps you have something to teach us about the perfect croissant. We await your guidance and insights," the association writes.

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The full letter is worth a read over at TODAY. No word on Kanye's response.