'4 More Beers': Obama Buys a Round of Beer for Iowa Supporters

The POTUS bought beers for 10 supporters (minus the guy with a Romney sign)
'Four More Beers'

Photo Modified: Flickr/MarcNozell

President Obama bought beers for his supporters in Iowa.

While Mitt Romney was hanging out at a Miami restaurant on the campaign trail, President Obama was taking a different approach: buying beers for supporters. 

While campaigning in Iowa, Obama stopped at the Bud Tent at the Iowa State Fair, to be greeted with chants of "Four more beers!" He started schmoozing with supporters, reports the Weekly Standard, and met with the owner of the Bud Tent,  Mike Cunningham. Here's how the conversation went:

Obama: "Hey everyone whose over 21, you gotta buy a beer!"

Random supporter, yelling back: "Is it on you?"

Obama [peers into wallet]: "Let me see what's in my wallet ... I'll tell you what, except for Romney sign, I'll buy beers for 10 people." 

During his campaign stop, we also got a bit more dirt on what the POTUS' tastes are: he passed on a cinnamon roll for a pork chop on a stick, and declined a smoothie. He said while the smoothie sounded OK, "a beer sounds better." 


(Photo Modified: Flickr/MarcNozell)