Forget What Your Mother Told You, Play with Your Food at Lab Store Paris

Innovations in design and food science merge at the Lab Store Paris
The Lab Store Paris

Innovations in design and food science merge at the Lab Store Paris, a state-of-the-art store featuring some of the latest ways to enjoy your favorite flavors. Located on Rue du Bouloi, Lab Store Paris has, in addition to its storefront, a WikiBar, which focuses on the Lab Store’s new edible packaging, WikiCell. The bar will launch publically in 2013; however, starting this October the bar will be stocked with samples of products, including WikiIceCream and WikiYogurt with its wrappings and all, ready-to-eat.

The Paris Lab Store also offers a range of beautiful design tools to improve both health and enjoyment. Le Whaf ($162), for example, is described as providing "a poetic, low-calorie way to enjoy your favorite drink." The curved glass of the carafe allows users to fill it their favorite drink, such as a martini or fresh fruit cocktail, after which the Le Whaf creates a misty, cloud-like version of the drink that is savored through a special straw.

Another novel product from the design group is the Aeroshot ($3), a compact punch of energy contained in a fun container. The powdery blend of caffeine and B vitamins is spritzed directly into the mouth for an immediate burst of energy. Flavors come in raspberry, green apple, and lime. Similar to the Aeroshot is the sleek, space-aged version of a magic genie lamp — the Aladdin. Designed by David Edwards, the stainless steel creation breathes a medley of delicious flavors with just the slightest movement. If planning a trip into the city, The Lab Store in Paris will show you how to create and taste the essence of a countless combination of flavors.

Vaporize toxic gases with the award-winning design apparatus, Andrea ($187). The filtration device uses the power of plants to capture and metabolize harmful gases in our environment. Founder David Edwards, who is a creator, writer, and educator at Harvard University brings this unique concept design store into the center of Paris where incredible products highlight a compendium of art, science, and design.

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