Foreign Starbucks Items We Wish We Had in America

Some of these overseas Starbucks drinks and snacks look better than our own

Moon cakes should definitely come for a visit in America.

There are some great items on Starbucks menus around the world that we’ve never even heard of here in the U.S. That Starbucks offers country-specific menus shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise; many chains switch up their menus so that they can cater to the taste buds and cultural or religious practices of the countries they’re in.

Foreign Starbucks Items We Wish We Had in America (Slideshow)

McDonald’s, for instance, offers some delicious menu items in other countries that they don’t plan on bringing stateside anytime soon — for instance,McSpicy Paneer in India and green tea tofu cheesecake in Taiwan — McDonald’s in nearly every country but America will sell you beer. Crappy, flavorless, Bud Light-tasting beer, but beer nonetheless.

Our favorite wacky international menu item of years past was the absolutely mesmerizing Meat Monster from Burger King Japan. This mutant burger started life off as a standard Whopper, but enjoyed the following artery-clogging additions: an extra beef patty, a chicken breast, three slices of bacon, and two pieces of cheese. One of these suckers had more calories than what we imagine to be a ballerina’s weekly allotment. It was not recommended for those recovering from heart surgery, but it was completely amazing.

So while we’re not shocked that a major international chain is offering country-specific treats we’ll probably never have a chance to try, we’re still epically jealous of all the options at Starbucks globally. Some of these drinks and snacks sound tastier than others, and some seem like they could be pretty easily replicated back in the States; a little pump of syrup, for instance, could make the difference between ho-hum hot cocoa and Austria’s decadent hazelnut hot chocolate.


Singapore’s latte lineup includes the “Asian Dolce Latte,” which comes with an extra shot of espresso, a sweet sauce, and a little ground espresso powder on top.


The snack options in Ireland’s Starbucks look incredible. They have something called “Luxury fruit bread,” as well as soya and linseed toast, dry cured ham and Emmental croissants, and treats called marshmallow twizzles, which appear to be just marshmallows dipped in chocolate. We’re looking for our passports now.

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