The Foodish Boy at Mile End Deli in Brooklyn, New York

Our contributor continues his year of food jobs at a Brooklyn deli
The Foodish Boy
The Foodish Boy

Montreal-style cured and smoked brisket with mustard on rye bread — simply divine.

The Montreal influence is most noticeable in the deli’s seriously badass smoked meat preparation. Typically Jewish-style cured meats would be soaked in brine, cured, and then smoked. The Montreal style skips the brining aspect and heads straight to the dry curing and smoking (and in doing so approaches a style similar to the Texan BBQ). Take for example their smoked brisket. From the chest of the cow, brisket is extremely tough due to supporting 60 percent of cow’s weight. The brisket slab consists of two parts — the flat (lean part) and a fat cap on top of this. Mile End lovingly dry cures their brisket for seven days, smokes it for 12 hours, and steams it for an hour before serving. The resulting meat is so utterly delicious I could’ve eaten away their entire profit margin by feasting on slabs of it during service.

As the punters started to pour in, chef Eli and Josh turned into my Jewish Grandmother for the evening, fattening me up on samples of every dish on the menu…

As the evening drew to a close, I had eaten my way through some of the most delicious food of my entire trip so far. Better still I would be heading to their Manhattan location the following morning to cook and eat my way through an entirely different menu. Hmmm, I thought to myself, I wonder if they do sausage rolls?

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