Food Life Hacks from a 'Crazy Russian'

If you are going to watch food-related life hacks, it should be from this guy

We could watch this guy give advice all day.

Everywhere you turn, someone is telling you that you’ve been doing something wrong your whole life.

From the way you peel carrots to the way you eat an apple, everyone is obsessed with making life easier. If you are going to subject yourself to tutorials like this, you need to at least treat yourself to the self-proclaimed “Crazy Russian’s” life hacks.

He is hilarious, straight forward, and actually has some pretty great hacks. He’ll teach you:

How to eat a cupcake:

How to dunk an Oreo like a boss:

How to make an orange slushy in just 10 minutes:

He delivers dozens more in the best way possible, with hacks ranging from how to make caramel in a can and why you should microwave your corn. Check out all of his ideas (and “Crazy Russian” antics) here: