Food Hound: Tidbits - The Onion


Hey all you food hounds! If you've been looking into Austin to see where you can eat, or live there, or go know there are a TON of places to eat. The Onion is one of those places you need to check out. We went there with a group of seven, and were pre-warned that there would be little to no seating. This was true, there are only about five stools that wrap around the window and little onto the countertop.

We heard great things about the food, and being that that the crew has all enjoyed New York pizza before, we wanted to put this place up to our standard challenge. Doug was so ready so step up to the plate, and created some of the most unique pizzas and rolls we had ever seen. For example, the Überoni. If you can't tell from the name, this pizza is completely covered in pepperoni, and deliciously so. We also had the Cheeseburger pizza and the Buffalo Chicken, as well as pizza rolls.

They are quick in here. They get a line out the door especially when there's a rush, but no one is waiting more than 15 min for a full pie. They are constantly pumping out food to put in the display case, which only hangs out for maybe 5 minutes before getting torn apart by hungry folks with the muchies for pizza. Then another fresh pie is already done and ready for your pickings!

We thought the pizza was great! The one major difference for us New Yorkers is the crust. None the less it was still delicious. When you are in Austin, out late drinking, or just hungry for something tasty and reasonably priced, The Onion is for you!

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