Food Blog Chain: Notes From The Kitchen and Workbook

Gobbling up the internet one food blog at a time.
The first link of the Food Blog Chain: Cooking Issues to Notes From the Kitchen.
Cooking Issues and Notes From the Kitchen

The first link of the Food Blog Chain: Cooking Issues to Notes From the Kitchen.

You're on your favorite food blog, you scan the side and there's the list: "Recommended Sites," "Links," or just, "Blogroll." But why did those sites make the cut? Many links even go to dead sites — sometimes these ghosts of internets past just resemble a sad graveyard of quid pro quo. Who does everyone really read?

To find out, The Daily Meal has launched the Food Blog Chain, a feature inspired by Grub Street's Food Chain. Each installment asks a food blogger to name another food site he or she follows regularly. Blogger, critic, chef, everyone can play. They answer two questions that say a lot about the food blogosphere. What recent post on that site caught your eye? And does it have a feature you wish you'd thought of?

In the first Food Blog Chain, Dave Arnold and Nils Noren of Cooking Issues noted Chef Michael Laiskonis’ double-blog: Notes From The Kitchen and Workbook. Chef Laiskonis noted FoodPlayerLinda's Playing With Fire and Water...


Does the site have a feature you wish you'd thought of?
First and foremost, I like the title Linda chose for her blog, as cooking is really just an exercise in those two basic elements, yet her end results are so much more. Illustrated through incredible photography, her reliably consistent posts seem to exist on a different sort of plane, beyond mere high-end restaurant or humble home cooking. I'll say it: I'm jealous of the thoughtfulness she brings to each post, each ingredient and dish.


Which post did you find of particular interest recently?
Case in point, a recent entry on sumac, the spicy tang in the addictive, Middle Eastern Za'tar spice blends. She took a fairly obscure ingredient, gave us a brief tutorial, and in the end, infused it into a cocktail- something I never in a million years would ever have though of. That's why Playing With Fire and Water will always have a permanent home on my 'favorites' tab!

Tune in next time to find out who Linda names...