Food Bands: Lil' Kimchi, Girl Taco, Iggy Pops

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We totally would listen to Iggy Pops
Food Band Name Puns | Video
YouTube/Riley Soloner

How many food band puns can you come up with?

We might have saved this for a Wednesday, but it's almost noon on a Tuesday and it feels like Friday so we'll just give you this little interlude anyway.

Brooklyn comedian Riley Soloner decided to create several food band names, punny and terrible, presented to you from A to Z. Start at ABBA Zaba, BanaNas, and Creedence Coconutwater Revival. Then move on to Lil' Kimchi and Girl Taco. Katy Pierogi and Reubyn are by far the favorites in the office.

Watch the full reel below, as the original artists play on in the background. "Dude I have so many food band puns, man. It's nuts," Soloner writes on YouTube. We see what you did there. It's not as good as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Mints, however, and we still love pun hunting in the grocery store. Of course, he probably wouldn't have worked so hard if he just looked at our list of 60 bands named after food.

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