Flavored Beers Now on the Rise

Because, everyone thinks women don't like beer

Colorful, fruity beers are all the rage.

Yes, we know flavored beer is all the rage right now. Budweiser launched their margarita-flavored beers (just drink a margarita folks! Then follow with a beer!), while peach, avocado, and all sorts of other fruit beers have hit our radar.

Now, Heineken has launched a radler, a lemon soda and lager concoction to cater to the "ever-elusive female drinker as well as young men who prefer wine or spirits," Business Standard reports.

The drink, sweeter and less alcoholic than beer, hit 23 markets this year (purportedly the company's biggest product introduction). Other new products from Heineken include a tequila-flavored beer called Desperados. We must wonder what true beer fans think of these.

"People are looking for a different taste," Bloomberg's Clementine Fletcher said recently." And these new flavors? They're hitting the more feminine, market. "It shows in taste profiles that women's tastes are skewing sweeter," she said, although she notes that taste preferences across the board are favoring sweeter flavors. Good save, there.


Cider, the meantime, is also gaining popularity (remember Stella's newest product?), since it can cater to the gluten-free market. But with all this talk of fruitier, sweeter drinks, we have to wonder what's going to happen to the stouts and porters out there. Women (and men) love those, too.