First High-Tech Starbucks Opens in Disneyland


This new Starbucks also features an outdoor seating area situated around an ancient tree.

It’s a small (and wide awake world) after all. Starbucks has announced that they will be opening their first location in Disneyland, which will be located in the Anaheim, California theme park’s Downtown Disney section. This location is the first of four Starbucks that will be opening in Disney theme parks across the U.S. (including one on Disney World’s Main Street USA and in Epcot’s Future World).

“This store is a reflection of two iconic brands coming together to offer their customers the kind of high-quality experience they expect in a way that embodies the unique passion of each,” said Arthur Rubinfeld, chief creative officer and president, global innovation for Starbucks. “Collaborating with Disney offered us the opportunity to create a unique moment of connection for our customers in a way that evokes the magic that their guests expect.”


It’s Disney, so of course we expect more than your run-of-the-mill Starbucks.  Starbucks has delivered the bells and whistles with a 10-foot-tall video screen playing the Starbucks story on a video loop, as well as an interactive touchscreen for the kids, and a “living green wall” made out of 1,000 native plants and shaped like a giant coffee cup. The store will also offer Starbucks Reserve coffees, featuring some of Starbucks’ rarest coffee beans.