The Finest of Fine Dining: Meet 5 of the Most Luxurious Restaurants in Paris

The Finest of Fine Dining: Meet 5 of the Most Luxurious Restaurants in Paris

Boasting some of the most supreme cuisine in the world, Paris is the epitome of luxury and glamour. If you’re looking for some seriously fine dining, you need not look any further than the City of Light. Here are our 5 top picks.

Le ChateaubriandPhoto Courtesy of Le Chateaubriand
Le Chateaubriand

Le Chateaubriand has a secret that’s not so well kept; this seemingly simple bistro is often placed higher in Parisian restaurant rankings than its Michelin-star-boasting contemporaries. Wholeheartedly French and effortlessly eccentric, the atmosphere at Le Chateaubriand is everything, drawing in BoBo crowds with its mismatched crockery and je ne sais quoi attitude. The food comprises of a five-course set menu, with the queues waiting outside a visual confirmation of its deliciousness.

SeptimePhoto Courtesy of Septime

The décor at Septime is as rustic as it is contemporary. Artfully mixing industrial concrete with bare wood and antique furniture, this understated approach ensures that the attention is all on the food. Boasting one Michelin star and the talents of Chef Bertrand Grébaut, Septime offers a carte blanche menu made up of five artfully minimalist courses that let the ingredients do the talking.

Pierre GagnairePhoto Courtesy of Pierre Gagnaire
Pierre Gagnaire

If you’re looking for an assault on the senses alongside your meal, then Pierre Gagnaire could be the place for you. Mixing extraordinary textures with explosions of flavor and dizzying presentation, the food here has been described as everything from intellectual to poetic. Just as impulsive as it is carefully thought-out, Chef Pierre’s knowledge and expertise shines on every dish twist.

Le CinqPhoto Courtesy of Le Cinq
Le Cinq

When you’re looking for a way to seriously impress, you can’t go far wrong with Le Cinq at the Four Seasons. As grand as grand restaurants come, Le Cinq is head-to-toe glamour with sparkling chandeliers, enchanting floral arrangements and decadence by the bucket load.  When it comes to the food, well, Le Cinq’s two Michelin stars speak for themselves.

Le Jules VernePhoto Courtesy of Le Jules Verne
Le Jules Verne

If you’re already writing off Le Jules Verne as a gimmicky tourist trap atop the Eiffel tower, then stop right there…because this is world class food. Not only does it offer the best views in Paris whilst you eat your dinner, but it also claims one of the world’s most respected chefs: Alaine Ducasse, and of course, a Michelin star. It’s safe to say that from its lofty heights overlooking the city below, Le Jules Verne has plenty to boast about.