Ferrari FF is the First Car to Feature the Apple CarPlay System


In news that might excite some folks just as much as the iPhone 6 or Apple Watch, the Ferrari FF (short for Ferrari Four, its powerhouse four-seater) will be the first luxury car to feature Apple’s CarPlay. The system was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March and was designed to make smartphones safe to use while driving. Users can search, message and call using intuitive hands-free technology, and will also have access to iTunes, Apple maps, and a very select few of third-party apps that meet Apple’s safety requirements.

Photo Courtesy of Apple

While Volvo and Mercedes also presented vehicles compatible with CarPlay at the show (several other companies, including BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover, announced they’ll be supporting the system), Ferrari has been the only one to successfully integrate it so soon. The first FF with CarPlay was delivered earlier this week in Italy, while more will be rolling out in the US, UK, Germany, France, and Japan in the next few days.